In Friench "Sunjuro" on YouTube フランス語字幕版 『椿三十郎』

black and white Japanese samurai film directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring Toshirō Mifune. It is a sequel to Kurosawa's previous film Yojimbo, with Mifune reprising his role as a wandering ronin. The film combines action and humour, and is lighter in tone than its predecessor.

The famous final scene of his duel with Hanbei, the henchman of the corrupt superintendent, is poignant. Throughout the story, Sanjuro poses as a bad ronin who is after making a quick score. He is so convincing that Hanbei (Tatsuya Nakadai) swallows his line and becomes the unwitting accomplice of his own demise. He cannot stand being made a fool and challenges Sanjuro to a duel. Sanjuro is reluctant to fight and tries to dissuade Hanbei saying that if they do fight, one of them would die and there is nothing to be gained from that.

Hanbei insists and the two face each other. And then, in a flash, it's over: a fountain of blood gushes from Hanbei and he slumps to the ground, lifeless. When the young samurai cheer his victory, Sanjuro becomes extremely agitated and angry at their naive insensitivity . In the most revealing remark, he states that dead adversary was exactly like him, so that at least he now has an understanding of what he really represents. Sanjuro then leaves towards an unspecified direction with his distinctive farewell of, "See ya later".

さすが 序盤からテン ...
オリジナルが頂点であ ...
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